How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

The Closing Argument or the Conclusion plays a major role in an essay. It gives finality to the essence of an argumentative essay to persuade the readers to take the writer’s side and believe in his ideas. The conclusion must relay a complete, accurate, thought-provoking and challenging point of view. The conclusion is similar to a closing argument in the Legal Court where the Jury and Judge listens and decides favorably on your behalf.

In order to excellently end the essay, reiterate the first thesis argument in the beginning paragraph of the essay then conclude with one powerful sentence that is simple and understandable to reach to the reader’s emotions. Avoid complex sentences that will bring confusion and misunderstanding. The writer may conclude using a short quotation from a source related to the topic with a final analysis of the argument.

A brilliant suggestion may be included to resolve the issues at hand and it is important to keep in mind that the goal of the argumentative essay is to pursue the readers to act favorably to your thoughts and ideas. This will engage the audience to be a part of the solution and to interact or respond positively to your essay.

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